Candidate Services

Looking for a change? Not sure where to look or how to go about it? Let Precision Career Connex help you. With us, you are a person, not a commission cheque. We’re focused on guiding you in your next career move and building a relationship with you.


Our commitment to our candidate means:

• We take the time to understand your interests, experience, qualifications, and objectives.

• We will never push you into a role that is not right for you or conducive to your career goals.

• We will set you up for success! Whether it’s feedback on your resume, industry trends, or advice on your interview style.

• We provide you with all the necessary information and tools to make informed career decisions.

• You will receive prompt, informative feedback from us and potential employers the moment we get any.

• If we do not currently have a role for you, we will reach out the moment we have a position that aligns with your background and interests.


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Candidate Testimonials

” I have been a candidate and a client of Precision Career Connex. I am hugely impressed by the friendly yet professional approach of the team, and above all the way they take care of their candidates.

PCCX goes to huge lengths to ensure that they understand the

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