17 November, 2018 by
Brendan Kraft
  1. Join industry associations. In addition to adding credibility to your resume by showing involvement in your space and interest in the latest news, it also connects you to other professionals in your space that will help you stay “in the know” of industry trends and changes
  2. Attending Industry Conferences. If done correctly, these can be a great way to make meaningful connections. Forget handing your business card out like confetti, go in with a plan. Research the speakers and even exhibitors if applicable, and set goals for what you want to take away from the event. Conferences can be overwhelming but they also attract professionals on a global scale, putting you within feet of major influencers and potential mentors.
  3. Social Media Groups. Social media is not going away, and your involvement doesn’t end at throwing up your resume on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect on a more professional level and offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to sharing information, receiving information and making connection with other professionals. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry where information is shared on a global scale, giving you information on trends and new emerging technologies.
  4. Industry Meetups. These are different from conferences and online groups as they are usually much more intimate in size and in person. In addition, these are smaller groups of professionals in similar backgrounds, roles or goals, that meet monthly/quarterly/annually to network for new positions and share information. These groups can be highly beneficial as they have a vested interest in each others’ success since they all share a similar background either culturally or professionally.
  5. Update your skill set. Once you have leveraged the above 4, you can begin to see where your skill set may require updating or further development. Take action by exploring various continuing education courses, online webinars, and workshops. Many companies encourage furthering education and skill development by offering full or partial reimbursement upon completing of a course so don’t forget to research your company’s policy.
Brendan Kraft 17 November, 2018
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