17 November, 2018 by
Brendan Kraft
  1. Make sure you have all the information pertaining to the interview location, who you’re interviewing with, time and date.
  2. Plan your route : how will you be getting there, how long will it take etc.. DO NOT be late! Give yourself lots of extra time and if you get there more than 20 min before you can always wait in a coffee shop and review your notes.
  3. Be aware of your social media presence online. Google yourself! If there is anything you don’t want others to see, make sure your privacy settings are set correctly. Manage all your platforms. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to see pictures of your last Saturday night debauchery, even if everyone is entitled to blow off steam, it just doesn’t look professional.
  4. Do your research! Google the company, their clients, awards they’ve won. You want to be able to answer genuinely why you want to work for the company.
  5. Research your interviewer(s) More often than not there will be some kind of professional profile online (LinkedIn etc..) that can give you some background. Look to see if you have common connections or friends that can give you some info on the interviewer, such as what kind of personality they have, if they are a good boss, fair etc.. After all, you are interviewing them just as much as you are interviewing them.
  6. Plan what you will wear as far in advance as possible. Do you need to have something dry-cleaned? Do you need new shoes? Pick your attire appropriately for the job and industry culture. Stay away from anything too revealing (no cleavage for women) too tight, too short or inappropriate attire such as funny patterns on ties or shirts. You don’t need to shy away completely from showcasing your personality, a pop of colour on your shoes, or a nice blouse is ok, just keep it tasteful and appropriate for the role and let your personality shine in a professional manner.
  7. Prepare your answers for some likely questions you may be asked. Be ready with answers that showcase your best attributes without sounding overly confident.
  8. Prepare 5-7 questions you would like to ask. DO NOT ask about: Salary or vacation. Keep your questions focused on the role and perhaps even getting to know the interviewer a little more. You never know, you could have something in common thus creating conversation and making you more memorable.
  9. Ensure proper grooming. Do you need a haircut? A manicure? Is your beard well manicured? Ensure you present yourself as being put together, clean and fresh. No one likes a sloppy Joe or messy Jessy. For women, hair pulled back and soft makeup is more likely to present as professional.
  10. Get a good night sleep! The night before is not the time to go out for drinks, stay up late watching the Game of Thrones marathon or stay up surfing the net. You want to be rested and energized.
  11. Get up early, give yourself lots of time to eat, get ready and read the news. Be prepared with some industry news you can speak to during your interview which will make you look current and knowledgeable in your field.
Brendan Kraft 17 November, 2018
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